viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

Enciende un cigarrillo


Love, he said, gas
kiss me off
kiss my lips
kiss my hair
my fingers
my cock my balls
my eyes my brain
make me forget

He had a room on the 3rd floor,
rejected by a dozen women,
35 editors
and half a dozen hiring agencies.
Now I’m not saying he was any

He turned on all the jets
without lighting them
and went to bed.

Some hours later, a guy on his
way to room 309
lit a cigar in the

And a sofa flew out the window.
One wall shivered down like wet sand.
A purple flame waved 40 feet high in the air.

The guy in bed
didn’t know or care,
but I’d have to say
he was pretty good
that day.

Charles Bukowski

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